What Are The Reasons For Having Dental Sedation? | Dental Treatment Guide

The most common reasons for dental sedation being used are that you have a phobia or there is a risk that a dental procedure will be painful (for example if you are having a tooth removed). Some possible phobias are: a general phobia of dentistry or dental procedures, a fear of dentists or a fear of needles.

A fear of needles is a common phobia shared by many people. It can manifest itself because you fear the pain of an injection or because you are uncomfortable with having a foreign object penetrate your skin. This phobia might prevent you from having a local anaesthetic during dental procedures, as you will be made anxious by the anaesthetic being administered via an injection. Dental sedation reduces pain and discomfort during dental procedures, and therefore has much the same effect as a local anaesthetic; however, it can be administered orally (for example as a form of gas which can be inhaled). This makes it preferable if you have a fear of needles or injections.

A fear of dentistry has existed since dentistry was first made available. A large number of people associate dentistry with the removal of teeth, invasive procedures and pain. While this is not always the case, a lot of people are still uncomfortable with having someone investigating their mouth and potentially carrying out procedures on their teeth or gums. Sedation can be a way of alleviating any nervousness or anxiety which you may have with regards to dentistry, as you will be in a more relaxed and comfortable state while the dentist is operating.

For much the same reasons some people have a phobia associated with dentists. This is because of the invasive and sometimes painful work which a dentist performs. It is natural that you then associate the dentists themselves with pain or discomfort. Sedation can be helpful because it will make dental procedures more enjoyable, you may experience long-term positive effects as you become more comfortable with visiting a dentist. A loss of your fear of dentistry is definitely a factor to consider when deciding whether or not to opt for dental sedation, due to the benefits which dentistry can have to your health and appearance.

Many people who have experience dental sedation speak positively about it. In many cases, you will feel as though you have slept through the procedure. This is especially beneficial if you are being sedated for a potentially painful procedure, as you will experience limited or no pain during and potentially have no memory of the operation.

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