Is sedation a reasonable option? | Dental Treatment Guide

The widespread use of sedation has been criticized lately and experts think that it is not an appropriate measure for routine dental treatments. Receiving sedation may be the only way for anxious people to receive dental care and dentists think that the benefits from oral care will certainly outweigh the risks of taking sedatives. When you at the dentist's office, you can discuss the benefits of dental treatment and the risks of sedation so that you are well informed.

Drugs that are used for dental sedation have few side effects, including the drowsiness. Dentists who use sedation are required to adhere to strict guidelines like monitoring the blood pressure, breathing, oxygen levels, pulse, and making sure that there is someone else to drive you home.

If you decide that you need sedation then you should call your dentist ahead of time so that everything necessary can be prepared. You should ask your dentist about their background and training for administering sedatives. It is essential the anaesthesiologists provide the sedation at the dental office just in case your dentist does not administer it.

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