Do all Dentists Offer Dental Sedation? | Dental Treatment Guide

Your regular dentist may have the facilities for providing dental sedation, in which case they will be able to agree with you on the most appropriate method of sedation and how much the procedure will cost. However, it is possible that they will not have the facilities for providing some methods of sedation, or they may not be able to offer you sedation at all. In these cases they may refer you to another practise (either an NHS or private practise) where you can receive sedation or a more suitable form of sedation which is not offered by your regular dentist.

The recommendation which your dentist makes is not definite, and you can look around for other practises or dental practitioners who also offer dental sedation. Alternatively, you can book a consultation with a new dental practise which offers dental sedation without first seeing your dentist. In this case, you will have a consultation to determine your requirements, the cost of the procedure, and you will have an opportunity to raise any questions which you may have.

You will then have to make a payment (either a deposit, agreement on a method of payment or the cost paid in full) and decide on a time and place for the procedure.

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