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Since they were originally designed, conventional braces have been built in the same way. They incorporate unsightly metal brackets and unhygienic elastic braces. They have proved a powerful tool for correcting crooked teeth, but at the same time, they come at a price. For many people, they are uncomfortable, ugly, they irritate the gums and they need to be worn for a long period of time before the results are visible.

Align Technologies created Invisalign in 1999. It is designed around a set of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and move them gradually into place. As the aligners are removable, discrete and transparent, Invisalign is recommended by many orthodontic specialists as a valid alternative to traditional braces.

It is important that patients realise, however, that a product like Invisalign can only be used to treat certain types of problem. What helps to make it so appealing is that, while similar products have been tried over the years, Invisalign does not require patients to keep returning to their dentist to have new aligners made. One set of photographs determines how far the teeth need to be moved. Then one set of aligners is created to move them.

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