Dental Implants Costs | Dental Treatment Guide

As with any form of dental treatment, cost is a significant factor for people. However, research shows that it is not simply that dental implants are expensive or inaffordable which causes difficulties. There is also an element of confusion in how dentists charge and what the final cost will be.

The price of dental implants can vary considerably and the majority of patients in the UK will pay somewhere between £800 and £3000. There are a number of factors which influence this, for example: the skill, expertise and reputation of the surgeon; the quality of materials used; and the quality of the clinical environment. However, a little understanding of the pricing process involved can help patients to understand more clearly what sort of costs are likely to be incurred at each particular stage.

The phrase ‘dental implant’ actually covers a number of elements and procedures. Therefore, it can often be confusing for the patient as to what the entire treatment costs.
Usually, charges will be made in relation to four phases of treatment:

Dental consultation fees – where the dentist evaluates the patient
Bone grafting – where the bone is strengthened to prepare for an implant
Gum grafting – where the gum tissue is increased to prepare for an implant
Cost of materials – such as the dental post, dental crown or bridge
Implant Procedure – the technical work of preparing the jawbone and applying the implant

Viewed in this way, it is possible to see how costs can vary depending on how complex the procedure is in each individual case. Of course, it is also possible to see how costs can escalate - so it is essential to understand at the consultation stage what the costs are, what they include and what additional work may be required to complete the treatment.

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