Dental implants Alternatives | Dental Treatment Guide

mplants are not necessarily right for every patient. An important part of your initial consultation should involve a discussion with your dentist about what alternatives may be available. The key questions that you should ask your dentist are:

Is a bridge or partial denture a viable alternative?

A bridge consists of artificial teeth cemented onto adjacent natural teeth. A denture is a removable replacement for a few missing teeth (partial) or a whole set of teeth (complete).

Can the tooth be saved by root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the dental pulp (nerves and blood vessels) from the root canals of teeth. The canals are cleaned and shaped and a root filling is placed to seal the canals.

How difficult is the root canal treatment?

 A root canal treatment can be technically more difficult that the placement of an implant. However when it is carried out properly, it may be a more appropriate solution.

How long is the tooth likely to last if it is kept?

Sometimes, saving a natural tooth in the short-term may not mean preventing further decay and damage in the long-term. That could also mean incurring additional dental costs in the future.

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