Dental Implants Advantages | Dental Treatment Guide

If your dentist has recommended dental implants, it could be for a number of reasons as implants offer plenty of advantages:

Improved bone tissue

Over time, the shape of the jaw changes due to a variety of factors. When teeth are lost, for example, the jawbone can begin to atrophy and disappear around the affected area. In particular, bone loss is a problem for people with dentures, as the changing shape of their jawbone means that dentures must be continually realigned.

By filling in the holes where the root of the lost teeth should be, implants can not only stop bone loss but also help to stimulate growth and reinvigorate the natural bone tissue renewal process.

Improved function

Any patients with dentures will know how painful and uncomfortable a loose denture can be. Irritation and inflammation of the gums is a common problem, often caused by particular types of hard food, such as apples. Implants help to fix dentures in place more firmly and to align them more comfortablly with gums and the shape of the jawbone. Once the implants are fully integrated, they function as well as natural teeth and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy.

Improved dental hygiene

Most dentists recommend that you pay particular attention when cleaning implants to maintain them. However, unlike dentures, implants do not require any special cleaning techniques, materials or expensive extra treatments. Regular brushing, flossing and standard dental hygiene appointments are all that is required.

Improved procedure

Modern dental surgery is highly sophisticated and dental implants are one of the most progressive procedures. When a dental implant is created, it does not compromise other areas of the mouth or affect the natural teeth adjacent to the implant. Therefore, your natural teeth do not need to be altered in any way. Nor, in the future, will repairs to the implant mean unnecessary adjustments to the rest of the teeth or jawbone.

Improved aesthetics

Nowadays, there are a host of cosmetic treatments available through high street dentists. While dental implants do not really fall into this category, many patients do take aesthetic reasons into account when choosing implants over dentures. Dentures can become loose and look unnatural. Implants, on the other hand, provide a firm foundation and should be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

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