The Options for Teeth Whitening | Dental Treatment Guide

There are now several teeth whitening treatments that are available from dental practices.

The treatments

  • Brite Smile is a bleaching treatment that uses hydrogen peroxide gel of concentrations from 15 to 25%. The gel is applied to the teeth 3 times every 20 minutes, and the whole procedure should take around 1 hour. The cost of this treatment ranges from £400 to £601.
  • Opalescence Boost uses a bleaching gel that does not require light activation. The solution contains 38% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and a mixture of fluoride and potassium nitrates. On average the procedure will last 1 to 2 hours and will cost around £1102.
  • Sapphire Professional Whitening is a gentle gel treatment that is recommended for people with sensitive teeth and gums. It contains 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide that has a desensitiser enhancer. The gel is painted onto the teeth which are then exposed to a light which is called the Whitening Crystal for around 30 minutes. The teeth are then checked and this process is repeated for another 30 minutes. In total the procedure will last around an hour and cost £1603.
  • Zoom! Chair Side Whitening is a popular whitening gel that has 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It works by painting the gel onto the teeth for 15 minutes and then this is repeated twice more at 15 minute intervals. In total the treatment take around an hour and costs £2104.

Deep bleaching

  1. This is not a brand of treatment but is a bleaching treatment that can be done at home to help make the teeth white over a long period of time. It works according to the following steps:
  2. A detailed impression is taken of the teeth but is made into customised vinyl trays. The trays will fit your mouth perfectly and retain the gel inside them so the gums are not irritated.
  3. You will undergo a conditioning treatment at the dentist which is necessary to help the teeth take in more oxygen. The outer surfaces of the teeth will be polished and layered with desensitising conditioning agents. The trays are filled with 9% concentration and placed on the teeth for 20 minutes. After this the gel is suctioned out of the teeth. This process is then repeated.
  4. You will be provided with enough gel and the trays to last 14 days. At home you should work on whitening the teeth.
  5. Return to the dentist for a power bleaching session where the dentist will use 9-27% hydrogen peroxide to maximise the chance of whitening. This lasts about one hour.
  6. To maintain whiteness you should wear the trays overnight for 1 to 3 months.

The cost of this treatment is around £1250 and bleaching supplies can be bought for around £5 to help keep up the whiteness of the teeth.

Further Information about Teeth Whitening