Whitening Considerations for at home use | Dental Treatment Guide

When using the peroxide formulas, you will find that the stronger it is, the faster it will work. The weaker it is the longer you can keep it on your teeth. The lower percentages of bleach can be used every night overnight to achieve the same results as higher percentage one you use one hour a day for seven days. The best time to begin your whitening at home is right after you have your dentist clean your teeth. The procedure will clean away the surface layer of debris, plaque and grime that will hurt the bleaching process.

Your dentist and your oral care companies will remind you to brush and floss after you finish your at home or on the go whitening. If you want really good results you should not take food and/or beverages for a few hours after your whitening process.

Further Information about Teeth Whitening at Home

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