What toothpaste is best for your children's teeth? | Dental Treatment Guide

The fluoride in toothpaste has the ability to prevent cavities even after brushing. Consider using fluoridated toothpaste when your child reaches the age of six. Use any toothpaste that your child prefers since most toothpaste in the market has the same amount of fluoride in them.

You should only use a small amount of toothpaste. More toothpaste does not mean that it is better. If there is too much toothpaste then you may have a hard time seeing what you are doing when you brush. Putting too much toothpaste will also put your child at risk of developing white spots or brown spots on their permanent teeth. This condition is called fluorosis and results from an oversupply of fluoride in the body. You should only use a dab of toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Make sure that the toothpaste is not expired. With the proper toothpaste, your child will receive the benefits of fluoride.

Further Information about Cleaning Childrens Teeth