How will Diet affect your Child's Teeth? | Dental Treatment Guide

What your child eats is just as important as how often your child eats. Frequent snacking increases children’s risks for tooth decay. Cavities tend to come up when sugar-containing foods stay in the mouth for a long time. Bacteria that live in the mouth will feast on the bits of food which will eventually turn into acid that eats away tooth enamel. Between your meals and snacks, your saliva will wash away the acid although if your child is always eating then there may not be enough time for the acid to be washed away.

Normally, people think of sugar as a white substance that is found in candies and in baked goods. The reality is that all foods with carbohydrates will eventually break down into sugars. Bacteria do not care whether you are eating a lollipop or a cup of rice because all of it is the same for them. Here are some of a few tips related to snacking and eating meals

  • you should give your child healthy snack foods like vegetables, fresh fruits, and cheese
  • consider getting sugar-free products or unsweetened products
  • you should serve sugary or starchy foods as part of a meal instead of during snack time. Since children drink fluids during meals, they are more likely to wash away food particles from the teeth. Saliva will also do a great job in cleaning the teeth
  • you should avoid certain foods unless your child can commit to brushing properly after eating these foods. Foods that get between the teeth and get stuck in the grooves of the teeth are
    • cookies
    • granola bars
    • dried figs
    • jelly beans
    • doughnuts
    • potato chips
    • pretzels
    • puffed oat cereal
    • raisins
  • you should offer fewer snacks to your children
  • after your children eat a snack, you should make sure that their teeth are brushed. If this is not possible then make sure that your child rinses with water afterwards
  • you should encourage your child to use xylitol sweetened gum
  • you should not put your child to bed with a bottle unless it is filled with water

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