What are some of the things that you should expect at the dentist with your child? | Dental Treatment Guide

When your child visits the dentist for the first time, you should expect the dentist or the hygienist to

  • review the history of the child
  • respond to your concerns
  • respond to your questions
  • talk to you about the overall health of your child which includes
    • development
    • teething
    • bite or how the teeth of your child come together
    • soft tissues like the gums and the cheeks
    • sucking and other oral habits
    • risk factors for cavities like diet, oral hygiene, fluoride use, and the existence of cavities in the family
    • preventing trauma in your child’s mouth
  • examine the mouth of your child as exhaustively as possible. This will be in the knee-to-knee position. You and the dentist will sit on chairs that are facing each other. Your child will sit on your lap facing you while the child’s head is lying on the lap of the dentist. You and your dentist will be able to see into the child’s mouth
  • demonstration of how to clean your child’s teeth and you may even have a guided practice session
  • make specific recommendations on home care including proper oral hygiene, proper diet, and the use of fluoridated products
  • tell you what to expect as your child grows and develops later on
  • suggest a schedule for the follow-up visits of your child
  • an initial cleaning of your child’s teeth especially if there are stains already
  • application of a topical fluoride in order to prevent the onset of cavities

When you leave the office of the dentist, you must have a clear idea about your child’s oral development, your responsibilities to your child, and the follow-up schedule. Your questions should have been answered and you should have an idea of the problems your child may encounter regarding their teeth. You should have a clear idea of how your dentist will make sure that your child will have the best oral care possible.

Further Information about Childrens Dental Appointments