What are the follow-up procedures after an apicectomy? | Dental Treatment Guide

Roots in the jawbone help to keep the teeth securely in place. At the end of the root this area is called the apex which is where the nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth. These nerves go through into the root canal but sometimes this area can become infected. If root canal treatment fails to heal this infection because it has become stuck in a smaller nerve area then an apicectomy is required. This procedure involves the removal of either the tip of the root or the apex. This area is then finished with a filling so that the root is fully covered over.

After the procedure your dentist should inform you about what is appropriate to eat and drink. It will be recommended that you apply some ice to the affected area for around 10 to 12 hours to aid its healing. The area that has been treated will be swollen and sore after the procedure and it may be necessary to manage the pain with some over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. In order to help the area heal quickly you should treat it delicately and avoid any rigorous brushing or mouth rinsing in that area. You should try to eat softer foods that are less likely to irritate your mouth. In general you should avoid disturbing the affected area as this could pull on the stitches and delay the healing process. The area of the mouth is likely to be numb for up to a few weeks but this should fade away. After a couple of weeks the stitches can be removed and around this time the sore and swollen condition of the mouth should have decreased.

Further Information about an Apicectomy