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Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a specialist type of medical field created in India in 800 B.C by a man often quoted as the father of the distinct field, Sushrata. Whilst of course cosmetic surgery has advanced in technique and finesse, almost two and a half millennia later, many much like you the observer of this article, query what cosmetic and plastic surgery is all about and what the procedures themselves entail.

So what is cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery in itself is a medical procedure performed on people to correct some sort of physical abnormality or to possibly enhance one’s own features for personal reasons. In the present day, surgeries can vary from reconstructing faces to removing third nipples! Such have been the advancements in scientific and medical technology in the past three decades.

The spectrum of cosmetic surgery is not confined to the cusp of certain procedures only. The relative broadness of cosmetic and plastic surgeries has extended the reach of surgeon and patients by allowing patients to have any kind of surgery they want, pertaining to good health and unnecessary risks. No longer is cosmetic surgery only performed when patients are in dire straits. Now a lucrative business has emerged that has expanded from the northern hemisphere into the south where developing countries are catching up via offering cheaper and alternative forms of cosmetic surgery.

What are the most common cosmetic procedures?

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or better known by its shorter abbreviation (ISAPS), is considered by many as the most authoritative and commanding institution in regards to data reconfiguration and statistics. Recording and analysing data worldwide, ISAPS maintains the five most common procedures performed around the world during 2009, with the data released in late 2010 were “Liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid lifts, "nose jobs" and "tummy tucks".

The results were released apparently were seventy five per cent of all cosmetic surgeries performed. The countries that dominated the cosmetic and plastic surgery field particularly were the United States, China, India, Brazil, Japan and even a developing state in the form of Mexico.

The fascinating data revealed more startling facts in regards to how liposuction has now overtaken breast augmentation as the most common procedure now performed. The procedure, which involves vacuuming up vast quantities of attached body fat, was the lead form of surgical choice covering at least eighteen point six per cent. Breast augmentation, which was the most common form of cosmetic surgery, had only covered seventeen per cent of all procedures, being knocked off a perch it had stood on for almost ten years. For you who do not know what breast augmentation is, it’s simply the process that takes place to enhance a woman’s boobs to a larger size via implants.

Men want to look good too!

If the earlier statistics are anything to go by, it’s clearly indicative that the lion-share of cosmetic and plastic surgeries performed are on women. But an increasing pattern that has seen this trend bucked to some extent is the rise in cosmetic procedures on men. As a man myself, there are certainly aspects of my own body that I’m conscious about, as I’m sure you are too. Rising levels of obesity and genetic disorders like gynacomastia (man boobs) have seen a vast rise. Being able to take your top off and being able to look good for your partner is certainly an issue many men tend to think about; especially in today’s climate where modern day sport stars and celebrities are seen with beautiful looking women. The Adonis type body is one many men strive for and cosmetic surgery is becoming a simple alternative for men to adopt to help themselves achieve this goal.

Is cosmetic and plastic surgery expensive?

All procedure costs vary. Depending on which country you live in and the type of procedure involved, however the most common type of cosmetic touch ups are likely to run into the thousands for sure. Many will feel this is an exorbitant amount, but the simple fact remains, you and many common folk like yourself are willing to stump up your hard earned cash to look good and who could blame you. Unless your on the books of the National Health Service (NHS) in England your better off going private.

Who can carry out cosmetic surgery?

The actual procedures themselves are carried out by specialist surgeons, who have trained for numerous years. But before even considering which surgeon you want to perform your operation, you have to do your own homework and research on what you want done to yourself.

A consultation is required with a registered nurse, who has trained in cosmetic surgery counselling to walk you through the steps of what the pro-op and post-op will have in stall for you. Before choosing your own surgeon you should research the background of the surgeon you want to help perform the piece of surgery on you. The surgeon should be trained and registered in the GMC Specialist Register as a plastic surgeon, indicating he is at least certified by a specialist institution to safely perform such operations. After this, meeting with the possible candidate to help perform your procedure should be the next logical step in order to to help you decide if the man or woman is indeed the surgeon you want performing on you.